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Riviera Open Listings (7-11 Months)

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ResortStatusCheck-InCheck-OutPoints (#Villas)$/PointTotal Price
Riviera Resort
Riviera Resort
Riviera Resort
Riviera Resort
Riviera Resort
Riviera Resort
Riviera Resort
Riviera Resort
Riviera Resort

How To Reserve #1How To Reserve #2How To Reserve #3How To Reserve #4
Email to claim any of the listings shown above. Be sure to specify which listing or listings you would like to reserve. Open listings are subject to change at any time and are offered on a first come, first served basis. Check back often to see what is available. Be sure to bookmark this page to return easily.
After a reservation has sat unclaimed on the Open Listings web page for a time, we will contact all qualifying members at once, via an Offer Email, to see if they are available to reserve the stay. The first member to respond to the email offer will be sent the reservation details in order to reserve the stay. Availability at DVC resorts is extremely time sensitive so making the reservation quickly is of utmost importance.
Once you have claimed a reservation, we will send you the guest’s information along with instructions to reserve their stay. You will be able to reserve online by logging into your member account at (quickest and easiest) or by calling DVC Member Services.
By accepting a reservation you are acknowledging that you are available to reserve and return a reservation number to us within 1 hour of receipt of the booking directive. Because we are concerned about losing availability, if we have not made arrangements with you ahead of time, we may release the reservation to other members if we have not received the 12-digit reservation number from you within 1 hour.
An Important NoteNeed Help?After You Have ReservedPlease Help Us!
These ARE NOT a listing of DVC member’s points for guests to consider. We do not list member points in any manner. This is a listing of guest stays for you, the DVC member, to consider. You may claim any of these rental opportunities by replying via email.
Check out our “What’s Next?” page and our Frequently Asked Questions if you’d like to review the Rental Process. You may also email us at
After you have reserved the guest’s stay, we will send your Rental Agreement and Initial Payment (75% of all funds due) once the guest has made their deposit payment. This will usually occur within 48 hours. Your final payment (25% of all funds due) is made on the day of the guest’s check-in. Please reference our “What’s Next?” page for more details about the rental process.
We are renting points at a record pace and are always in desperate need of more points from more members in order to fulfill our guest’s rental requests. We would be grateful if you could share the DVC Rental Store with other Disney Vacation Club members via any Disney discussion boards or Disney Facebook groups which you may belong to. Please follow the guidelines and rules set up by the administrators of each board or discussion group. Thanks so much for your help!
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